Curriculum at The Gender Guardian


1) Fashion Designing

Draw Sketches


Design Development

Introduction to Measurement

Pattern Making


2) Beautician/Makeup Artist

Intro to Sanitation

Face chart Analysis

Color Theory

Scalp Treatment

Facial and Makeup

Hair Coloring

Texture Services


3) Hair Stylist/ Hairdressing

Hair Care and Treatment

Skin care, Shaving

Care and Styling of Wigs

Thermal Techniques

Treating Hair and scalp

Permanent Wave and Chemical Services

Selling products and Services


4) Machine Embroidery

Drawing and Creating

Color Schemes

Placement of designs

Flat Stitch

Loop Stitch

Knotted Stich

Fancy Net

Couching Stich

Shade work



5) Chef/Professional Cooking

Personal hygiene, grooming, and appearance

Food Safety

Kitchen organization and management

Food Knowledge

Hot preparations

Cooking Techniques

Buffet Management

Food services

Menu Development

Practical Cookery


6) Confectionary Bakers and Sweets

Intro of Bakery and Confectionary Section

Identification of Baker and Confectioner


Preparation of Rolls

Preparation of Breads

Preparation of Pizza base

Preparation of Burgers

Evolution characteristics of bread


7) Graphic Designing 

Introducing Visual Design

Graphic Attributes

Page layouts, table, charts

Page layout with diagrams and icons

Text procedures

Icon and Visual Symbols

Intro to illustrator Interface


8) Computer Applications

Typing Tutor

MS Word

MS Excel

MS Powerpoint


Internet Surfing

Social Media operations


9) English Communication Skills

Language, reading, listening, speaking

Case study, oral and written skills

Adjective for Communicators

Idioms for Communications


10) Transgender Legal Rights Awareness Program

Introduction To:

Legal Rights of transgender

Constitution of Pakistan

Judicial System of Pakistan

Classification of Courts

Natural Justice

Administrative Law

Human Rights (Last Speech of Prophet (PBUH)

International Law

International development for rights of Transgenders

Introduction to Constitution of Pakistan

Fundamental Rights

Powers of Supreme Court

Powers of high Courts of all Provinces

Pakistan Penal Code

Offences & Kinds


Police Stations

Practical Work

Write application against fundamental rights infringement

Technique to read FIR

Write application to register FIR